Maryland Monthly Averages

The state of Maryland is comprised of several different types of orography.  The eastern region of Maryland is significantly influenced by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, while the western region of Maryland is influenced by the Appalachian Mountains.  Below are links to Average Monthly Temperature, Average Monthly Precipitation, and Average Monthly Snowfall for Reagan National, Dulles, and Baltimore.

Maryland State Map of 1981-2010 Monthly Normals (University of Washington)
- Google Map by Station Site - Mean Monthly Precipitation (PCP), Mean Daily Maximum Temperature (MAX), and Mean Daily Minimum Temperature (MIN)

1981-2010 Maryland Monthly Climate Normals (Golden Gate Weather Services)

1981-2010 Maryland Daily Climate Normals (Golden Gate Weather Services)

NCDC All-time Weather Extremes

Reagan National Average Monthly:
Temperature (since 1871), Precipitation (since 1871), Snowfall (since 1888)

Dulles Average Monthly:
Temperature (since 1963), Precipitation (since 1963), Snowfall (since 1963)

Baltimore Average Monthly:
Temperature (since 1871), Precipitation (since 1871), Snowfall (since 1883)


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